Workforce Verification and Compliance Services

Have you ever had to worry if the workers on site are the ones who are qualified to be there?

Bright’s Workforce Verification and Compliance solutions utilise a combination of online software verification supported by a manual verification checking process to give you complete confidence that the workers on site are fully compliant. Bright’s Verification solution makes workforce validation, competency tracking and ongoing compliance monitoring an ease.

Dedicated Verification Services: By independently confirming the authenticity and validity of worker competencies, Bright’s specialist Workforce Verification team ensures your entire workforce aligns to the specific position and competency requirements of your company.

Ongoing Compliance Monitoring and Alerts: Bright’s Enable Validate software is a secure cloud-based solution that provides real-time ability to monitor the validity and compliance of all workers, regardless of the size of your organisation and geographical location. With full transparency of each worker’s training, skills, inductions, licenses and any workplace specific requirements, Bright provides you with the peace of mind that your workforce remain compliant.

If you are interested in employment based Verification services for Individuals, read about the launch of 'Cited', Bright's new online plaform for employment background and compliance checks. 

What We Offer:

Employment Qualifications
Employment Qualifications
  • Verification of Competencies
  • Confirmation of Employment
  • Reference Checks
  • License Checks
  • Registration Checks
  • Work Right Entitlement Checks
  • National Police Checks
  • Industry Specific Packages
  • Continuous Workforce Compliance Monitoring

How We Help:

  • Increased Workforce Transparency and confidence in your workforce competency information
  • Reduced Corporate Risk with 30% improvement of on site workforce compliance
  • Improved Planning and Budgeting by being able to plan and forecast training requirements and budgets
  • Enhanced Safety Culture by knowing you have a trusted, skilled and independently verified workforce
  • Maximise Self-Service with compliance requirements managed by the individual
  • Real-Time Data Access through direct integration to external data sources

Why Bright?

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