It's important to us that our customers maximise the use and value of our technology across their business.

To assist in ensuring our customer's success, Bright's training team conduct comprehensive training sessions for all users, tailored specifically to your company's processes.

Bright's training is not just about our software, it is customised to your company's specific configuration and guides users through exactly how you want them to leverage our technology to improve your business.

We deliver live, instructor led, online training sessions for your convenience. Bright also delivers face-to-face training either on your site or in our dedicated training facilities.

Engage with us today to see how we help maximise your success.

User Support

Bright's specialist Systems Support team are available to answer all your enquiries via telephone or email. The helpdesk service provides ongoing support to all registered users of our Enable products.

We take a partnering approach with your organisation to ensure we offer end-to-end support so you gain maximum value from our solutions.

Verification Services

Enable Validate and Enable Deploy clients use Bright's Workforce Verification services to ensure that the workforce employed by subcontractors meet all criteria agreed between the Asset Owner and its contractors.

This robust process to manage workforce risk means requirements for minimum qualifications and licenses, experience and visa status are all met, mitigating the risk that inexperienced or unqualified individuals are carrying out high risk activity. Additional, bespoke verification services can also be provided.

To read further about our Workforce Verification and Compliance Services.

Please note that all verification services are performed in compliance with applicable Privacy legislation.