Key benefits of Enable Deploy include:

  • Significant reduction of travel costs
  • Increased operational efficiency
  • Mitigation of workforce risk
  • Real time and detailed workforce reporting
  • Improved workforce planning
  • Assurance that only workers with the right experience, qualifications and visas are deployed


Enable Deploy brings together all the benefits of our Enable Validate and Enable Logistics products in one seamless, end-to-end technology and workflow. In addition to the efficiencies gained, Enable Deploy provides a total source of truth for your on-site personnel and visitors across multiple locations and jurisdictions.

Nothing else on the market matches the automated workflow of Enable Deploy to facilitate the end-to-end lifecycle of a mobile worker. The stages Enable Deploy manages include:

  • registration,
  • compliance & verification,
  • pre-mobilisation,
  • mobilisation,
  • site access,
  • travel to/ from site (inclusive of bookings and ticketing to commercial and charter flights)
  • hotel and camp accommodation and
  • demobilisation.

The software allows real time bookings for commercial and charter flights, car hire and other managed transport, as well as site or hotel accommodation. It is especially configured for a complex mobile workforce (FIFO/DIDO) where there are multiple sites and multiple swings.

One of the primary differentiators of Enable Deploy is its self-service model of Workforce Management. Workforce and travel administration cost and accountability is distributed to accredited Contractors/Vendors, while the Asset Owner retains visibility and control across the entire process.

Enable Deploy also benefits from Bright's 15+ years of experience in workforce software and our specialist verification team.

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