High-tech Workforce Compliance the Way of the Future

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Posted on 19 Jul 2016

It's a scary thought that over 50% of all job seekers lie on resumes, CVs and applications, as a study last year from the Society of Human Resource Managers found. In the oil and gas industry more than any other industry, having unqualified people working on high-risk jobs can spell disaster. Safety can be compromised, putting workers, assets and the environment in harm's way and potentially sinking corporate reputations with it. 

With the continuing low oil price environment, companies are striving for greater efficiency in process, assets and human capital to survive the fiscally challenging years ahead. The investment in a fly in, fly out (FIFO) or mobile workforce is a significant ongoing business expense, so driving cost savings in this space can have a significant impact to any business.

Bright People Technologies is assisting the industry's leading oil and gas companies to reduce workforce risk and improve efficiences by ensuring the right people are doing the right job at the right time.

The companies Workforce Verification, Compliance and Mobilisation solution uses a combination of online software verification, supported by a manual verification checking process. This industry proven soluion is then coupled with an integrated travel management solution that makes complex rostered travel an ease via a single, online workforce planning and mobilisation tool.

The oil and gas industry typically experiences about 30% of workers presenting incorrect or misleading information relating to their expereicne, work history or qualifications. 

By independently confirming the authenticity and validity of worker credentials, Bright's specialist Workforce Verification team ensures your entire workforce aligns to the specific position and competency requirements of your company before mobilising to site.

This article was first published in 'Oil & Gas Australasia', 2016.